Activities for The Moon Might Be Milk

Make Moon Cookies

Use the recipe in the back of the book to make your own delicious moon cookies. Have children help measure and mix ingredients, and flatten the cookies with sugar to make them sparkle. You may wish to discuss the phases of the moon as children nibble their cookies into crescent moon shapes!

Moon Metaphors

Each animal in the book says that the moon is made of something white or light colored: milk, egg, sugar, butter, flour. Ask children to think of other things the moon could be compared to. Invite them to compare the moon with things that are round or crescent-shaped, things that are bright, etc.

Have each child write a metaphor about the moon. Encourage children to expand their metaphors with descriptive details, for example: The moon is an egg. Small shining chicks hatch from it to become the stars. You may wish to have children illustrate their metaphors and then collect them into a class book.

Write a Group Story

At the end of the book, Rosie wonders what the sun is made of. Have children brainstorm a list of things the sun could be compared to. Work with them to write a group story about Rosie’s quest to discover what the sun is made of. Encourage children to use metaphors in their story (see previous activity).

More About the Moon

Explain to children that for thousands of years, people have wondered about the moon, sun, and stars. There are many stories that explain what these celestial bodies are, their movements, and how they came to be in the sky. Use The Moon Might Be Milk to introduce some of these other stories, myths, or legends about the moon, or to complement studies about the moon or the solar system.

Click here if you would like a printable PDF of these activities.

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