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The Moon Might Be Milk

Rosie wonders what the moon is made of. Cat thinks the moon is a saucer of fresh milk, Dog says it’s a pat of butter, and Butterfly believes the moon is made of sugar. But Gran knows best. Using milk, butter, sugar, and other ingredients, she bakes…the moon!

The story behind the story
When my daughter Mariah was about three years old, she picked up a white rock and said, “Mama, maybe
this is part of the moon.” That got me wondering about
what other things a child might think the moon was made of. There were so many possibilities, and a lot of the things I came up with were food. (Maybe I was hungry when I was thinking about it!) I wondered what would happen if several of these ingredients were combined to make something new.

In The Moon Might Be Milk, Rosie asks different animals what the moon is made of. Each animal tells her something different, and at the end of the book we see that each answer is an important part of something bigger. Hopefully the story shows that sometimes there can be many answers to the same question, and that each answer can hold some truth.


From Booklist:
“Vivid... The story reads aloud well, and in an open-ended conclusion, Rosie asks a new question for readers to explore on their own.” (starred review)

From Kirkus Reviews:
“A sweet bedtime tale that's sure to elicit a cookie request.”

From Publisher's Weekly:
“Young readers will find enjoyment in the tried-and-true elements and childlike perceptions…Equal parts sweetness and flair.”
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The Moon Might Be Milk
Illustrator: Will Hillenbrand
Dutton Children’s Books